Bearded Dragon Rubbing Face– What it Means and What you Should Do

If you own a bearded dragon, you’ve probably asked yourself the question “Why are they rubbing their face?” and thought “that’s pretty weird.”Today we’re going to talk about bearded dragon face rubbing, why they do it and what you should do.


What is bearded dragon face rubbing?

This short video is of a bearded dragon rubbing their face on a rock. What a cutie!


No matter what you’re bearded dragon rubs their face on, the reasons are all the same. Let’s take a look at why bearded dragons rub their face!


Why Is My Bearded Dragon Rubbing Their Face?

There are two possible explanations for this curious behaviour. We’ll have a look at both and talk about what you should do in each scenario.


1. Your bearded dragon is getting ready to shed

Similar to snake and other reptiles, when a bearded dragon is getting ready to shed, they will rub their face on an object. The aim of this face rubbing is to break the skin. This then allows them to start the shedding process.

Why do they rub their face, why not their foot or tail? Excellent question! The answer is two-fold. Firstly, their face, specifically their nose is rather pointy. Rubbing their pointy nose, (no offence to any beardies reading this) makes it easier to pierce the skin. Secondly, right above their nose are their eyes! So, they get an extremely close and clear view of nose rubbing, making it super simple to get the nose rubbing right! Nice job evolution!


Bearded Dragon Rubbing Face


You can help your beardie get ready for shedding. A warm bath will help loosen up the skin and make it easier for your beardie to start shedding.

A few times a week, give your bearded dragon a bath in lukewarm water, allowing them to soak for around 10 minutes. The water level should be just below shoulder level. 

Bathing your bearded dragon will make the shedding process a whole lot easier! If you’d to learn more, read Top 6 Safe & Effective Ways to Help A Shedding Bearded Dragon

[image bearded dragon shedding]

2. Your bearded dragon is itchy

Unsurprisingly, if your bearded dragon is rubbing their face they may have an itch!

In this case, there isn’t really anything you should do. But there are a few things you shouldn’t do. Let’s take a look!

An itch can be stupidly annoying, even for the calmest of bearded dragons! Therefore you should make a conscious effort to not aggravate them further. This means:

  1. Don’t pick them up
  2. Don’t rearrange their tank
  3. Do leave them alone

If you head these warnings, your bearded dragon’s itch will go away and you won’t lose any fingers! If you don’t you may be on the receiving end of a bearded dragon bite!

Bearded Dragon Rubbing Face


If your bearded dragon is rubbing his/her face you now know why! Even better you know what you should (or shouldn’t do). 

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