Crested Gecko Temperature and Heating Guide

Crested Geckos are fantastic pets, so much so that they’re on our list of 8 Best Lizard Pets! Unfortunately, Crested Gecko temperature is often misunderstood, this article will tell you what your crestie actually needs!

Crested Geckos come from New Caledonia, an island just of the coast of Australia. As you can imagine, it’s pretty warm, and that’s why the cresties thrive! For Crested Geckos, temperature plays an important role in their survival. This article gives you all the essential information so that your crestie can be happy!


Crested Gecko Temperature

You may have heard that cresties are easy to care for because they can be kept at room temperature. While this may be true in a small portion of the world, in most places, this is wrong. 

Crested Geckos need temperatures of 72-75°F (22-24°C) to survive. Temperatures of above 85°F (29°C) can be fatal to a crestie! So unless you live somewhere that stays within that range all year round, you’re going to need to alter their terrariums temperature. 

You should provide heat for 12 hours a day in one section of their habitat. Then if they need warmth, they can go to this area. This mimics their natural jungle environment, where light breaks through the trees and provides heat to only some parts of the forest floor.

Keep your crestie happy and give him the temperature he needs (and deserves)!

Crested Gecko Temperature and Heating Guide


Heating Equipment

The most consistent and effective way to satisfy your Crested Gecko’s temperature needs is by using a heat lamp and a thermostat. A low power (25 Watt) heat bulb is perfect for keeping your crestie content. To go with the bulb, you will also need a holder. I recommend getting the Exo Terra Sun-Glo Basking Spot Lamp with the Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Fixture. I’d also recommend getting the BN-LINK Thermostat to control the temperature. This setup will provide your crestie with all the warmth it needs!



Congrats! You can now properly the perfect temperature for your crested gecko! 

If you’re a new Crested Gecko owner, I highly recommend you read A Guide to Caring for Crested Geckos as Pets. It provides all the information you need to ensure your crestie is happy and healthy!

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