Understanding the Growth Process: How Long Does it Take for a Full Grown Eyelash Crested Gecko to Reach its Size?

If you’re a reptile enthusiast, particularly fond of the enchanting Eyelash Crested Gecko, grasping their unique growth process is essential.

In this blog post, we take a deep dive into understanding the various stages and factors that affect these geckos’ growth rate as they develop from hatchlings to full-grown adults.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways:

  1. Eyelash Crested Geckos go through several growth stages – hatchling, juvenile, subadult, and adult – before reaching full size.
  2. Proper nutrition, habitat maintenance, stress – free living space coupled with routine monitoring and healthcare visits are crucial for optimal growth rate.
  3. Eyelash Crested Geckos typically reach their full adult size between 12 to 24 months of age with an average length of 8-10 inches including their tails.
  4. Providing a balanced and nutritious diet, ensuring proper habitat and temperature control, and regular monitoring and care can promote healthy growth in your pet gecko.

Understanding The Growth Process Of Eyelash Crested Geckos

A Full Grown Eyelash crested geckos go through several growth stages, including hatchling, juvenile, subadult, and adult, with each stage having different physical characteristics.

Full Grown Eyelash Crested Gecko

The Different Stages Of Growth

As a reptile enthusiast, it’s fascinating to observe the growth stages of our beloved Eyelash Crested Geckos. Just like other living creatures, these unique lizards go through several developmental phases before reaching their full adult size.

The first stage in an Eyelash Crested Gecko’s life is the hatchling phase. This occurs when they emerge from their eggs, entering this new world at around 0.8-1 inch long and weighing only 2 grams! At this point, you may notice that their colors are not as vibrant as those of matured geckos – don’t worry, though; they’ll soon become more vivid as they grow older.

After about three months or so – sometimes sooner – your gecko will enter its juvenile phase (the second stage).

Now let’s talk about the sub-adult stage – typically taking place between 9-12 months into your crested gecko’s life journey. This marks a noticeable change toward adulthood as sexual maturity kicks in and breeding instincts start to develop (though it’s still advisable to wait until they fully grow before attempting any breeding).

Factors That Affect Growth Rate

As with any animal, there are several factors that can affect the growth rate of an eyelash crested gecko. One of the biggest influences is diet. Feeding your crestie a balanced and nutritious diet will ensure they receive all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to support healthy growth.

Another important factor is habitat and temperature. Crested geckos require a warm, humid environment to thrive, so maintaining appropriate temperatures and humidity levels in their enclosure is crucial for promoting healthy growth.

Finally, regular monitoring and care play a significant role in ensuring your crested gecko grows at an optimal rate.

By providing proper nutrition, habitat maintenance, stress-free living space coupled with routine monitoring and healthcare visits like you would give human babies as well as keeping records, you could help support optimal growth rate for your eyelash crested geckos’ full development size effectively over time into adulthood according to research data available online about reptile growth rates enhancement techniques used by specialists within the field but always consult with professionals specialized in this area when making decisions concerning your pet’s health.

Crested Gecko Growth Chart And Development Stages

When it comes to understanding the growth and development stages of an eyelash crested gecko, it’s essential to be aware of how they progress throughout their lives. Here’s a breakdown of their growth chart and development stages for you to keep track of your crested gecko’s journey to adulthood:

AgeSizeDevelopment Stage
0-3 months2-3 inchesHatchling: fresh out of the egg, small, and fragile
3-6 months3-4 inchesJuvenile: growing quickly, developing color and pattern
6-9 months4-5 inchesSub-adult: slower growth, becoming sexually mature (fact 7)
9-12 months5-6 inchesYoung adult: nearing full size, capable of breeding (fact 8)
12-24 months6-7 inches (fact 6), up to 8-10 inches for full-grown adults (fact 2)Adult: growth completed, maintaining weight throughout life (fact 9)

Remember that these are just average numbers and your crested gecko may grow at its own unique pace. Monitoring their growth and ensuring proper care will help them reach their full size (fact 5).

Full Grown Eyelash Crested Gecko

How Long Does It Take For Eyelash Crested Geckos To Reach Their Full Size?

Eyelash crested geckos typically reach their full adult size between 12 to 24 months of age, with an average adult size of 8-10 inches including their tails.

Age-Size Chart

As reptile enthusiasts, it’s important to understand the growth stages of our crested geckos. These unique creatures typically reach their full size between 12-24 months of age. At around six months old, they’re considered juveniles and will be roughly half their adult size. By nine months old, they’ll reach sexual maturity but won’t be fully grown yet.

It’s crucial to monitor your crested gecko’s growth rate during this time and ensure that they receive proper nutrition and care to promote healthy development. Remember that every gecko is different, so don’t worry if your pet isn’t growing at the same rate as others. With patience and attention to detail in your care routine, you can help them grow into healthy adults with strong tails and vibrant coloration.

Expected Size At Maturity

As a reptile enthusiast, I know that crested geckos can grow to be 8-10 inches long, including their tails. However, without tails, they typically reach around 4-5 inches in length at maturity.

It’s important to note that crested geckos have varying growth rates and can grow in spurts or gradually throughout their life. With proper care and diet, it is possible for them to reach their expected size within the first two years of their life.

Variations In Growth Rates

As with any living creature, there are variations in growth rates among eyelash crested geckos. Some may grow faster than others due to genetics, diet, environment, and overall health.

It’s important to monitor your gecko’s growth regularly to ensure they are progressing at a healthy rate. Factors such as temperature and humidity levels can also play a role in their growth rate.

For example, if the temperature is too low or the humidity is too high or low, it could stunt their growth or cause issues such as shedding problems. By providing a balanced diet and proper care, you can help promote healthy growth for your crested gecko.

Promoting Healthy Growth Of Eyelash Crested Geckos

To promote healthy growth in your eyelash crested geckos, make sure to provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet, ensure that their habitat is properly maintained and at the optimal temperature, and regularly monitor for any signs of illness or issues with shedding.

Providing A Balanced And Nutritious Diet

As a reptile enthusiast, I understand that providing a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for the growth and development of an eyelash crested gecko. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

  1. Feeding Schedule: Feed your gecko every other day, once or twice a day, according to their size and age.
  2. Food Variety: Offer a variety of food items such as insects, fruits, nectars, and meal replacement powders to ensure they get the appropriate nutrients they need.
  3. Insects: Geckos enjoy eating crickets, mealworms, Dubia roaches, waxworms & super worms. It is essential to gut load these insects 24 hours before feeding them to the gecko with high-calcium vegetables like kale or collard greens.
  4. Fruits: Offer small amounts of top-quality fruits such as bananas, mangoes and papayas as well as baby food containing fruit for additional nutrition.
  5. Paste Diet: Commercial paste diets can also be given if necessary since these have all the nutrients that crested geckos require.
  6. Calcium Supplements: Dust all prey with calcium supplements; since crested geckos need more calcium in their diet than phosphorus should be balanced accordingly too.
  7. Water Bowl: Ensure adequate water supply; make sure it is always clean so that any germs can not breed in it

Remember that feeding adult Crested Geckos too much or too little can cause health problems like stroke or kidney damage leading to death – so watch carefully and avoid overfeeding them!

Ensuring Proper Habitat And Temperature

To ensure that your eyelash crested gecko grows healthy and strong, it’s crucial to provide them with the right habitat and temperature. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep their terrarium clean: Make sure to clean your gecko’s enclosure regularly, removing any uneaten food or waste. This will help prevent bacteria buildup that can lead to illnesses.
  2. Provide a spacious home: Your gecko needs enough room to move around freely. The minimum size for a single crested gecko is 18″ x 18″ x 24″, but larger is always better.
  3. Add hiding spots: Crested geckos need plenty of hiding spots where they can feel safe and comfortable.
  4. Use the right substrate: Avoid using fine sand substrates, which can cause impaction if ingested. Some good options include coconut fiber, orchid bark, and organic soil.
  5. Control the temperature: Crested geckos thrive in temperatures between 72-80°F during the day and 65-75°F at night.
  6. Provide UVB lighting: Geckos use UVB rays to produce vitamin D3 and stay healthy, so make sure their terrarium has access to natural sunlight or artificial UV lighting.
  7. Offer proper hydration: You should provide your crested gecko with a shallow dish of fresh water at all times and mist their enclosure once or twice per day.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to create an ideal environment for your eyelash crested gecko that promotes growth and overall health!

Regular Monitoring And Care

As a reptile enthusiast, it’s essential to monitor and care for your crested gecko regularly. Here are some tips on how to do so:

  1. Check their feeding habits: Ensure that your crested gecko is eating a balanced and nutritious diet. Monitor their feeding habits and make sure they’re not skipping meals.
  2. Observe their behavior: Watch your gecko’s behavior closely, as unusual activity could be an indication of health issues or discomfort.
  3. Clean the enclosure regularly: Regular cleaning of the habitat is crucial to maintaining your crested gecko’s good health.
  4. Maintain proper temperature and humidity levels: Crested geckos require specific temperatures and humidity levels to remain healthy; ensure the habitat provides optimal conditions.
  5. Keep an eye out for shedding: Crested geckos shed their skin every few weeks, so it’s important to monitor their shedding frequency to prevent any skin-related problems.

By regularly monitoring and caring for your crested gecko, you can ensure they live a long and fulfilling life in captivity.


In conclusion, understanding the growth process of eyelash crested geckos is crucial for their overall health and well-being. It typically takes two years for them to reach their full adult size, with an average length of 8-10 inches including their tails.

However, factors such as diet, habitat, and maintenance can affect their growth rate.

Overall if you provide your crestie with optimal husbandry practices you will notice excellent growth rates!


1. How long does it take for an Eyelash Crested Gecko to reach its full size?

On average, it takes around 12-18 months for an Eyelash Crested Gecko to mature and reach its full size of approximately 8 inches in length.

2. How can I tell if my Eyelash Crested Gecko is growing properly?

Healthy geckos will have smooth skin without any bumps or lumps, a plump belly, clear eyes, and a voracious appetite. If you notice any deviations from this normal pattern or signs of illness such as lethargy or poor appetite, consult with your veterinarian immediately.

3. What factors affect the growth rate of an Eyelash Crested Gecko?

Factors that can affect the growth rate of a gecko include the quality and quantity of food they receive, temperature/humidity levels in their environment, stress levels due to overcrowding/competing for resources within their enclosure.

4. At what age should I start feeding my Eyelash Crested Gecko more protein-rich foods?

Around 6 months old is when juvenile geckos can benefit from increasing amounts/protein rich diets including supplemental insects like crickets while pregnant females may require additional vitamins & minerals during nesting season so be sure to research proper diets based on specific needs & life stages!

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