20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

Bearded Dragons are pretty weird creatures, but these facts make them seem alien! Disclaimer: You will be WOWED!

1. They can be born with two heads

They were cool enough with one head, but these cheeky devils couldn’t resist growing another! Although rare, it’s feasible a Beardie can be born and survive with two heads. Let’s head onto the next fact! (I’m sorry)

2. Can a Bearded Dragon’s beard change colour?

When they feel threatened, they will stand tall and bob their head. If that doesn’t do the trick, they’ll puff their beard out and turn it black! Pretty scary stuff!

3. They know how to surrender

If they are threatened and don’t think they’ll win the fight, they do something quite strange. By waving one of their arms, they signal “I surrender.”

4. They have a third eye (parietal eye)

Next time you’re handling your Beardie, take a look at the centre of their head. The tiny circle is actually their third “eye”. Although they can’t see out of it, the “eye” is used to measure light and heat.

20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

5. They can sleep standing up

If you see your dragon standing with its eyes closed, DO NOT DISTURB them. They are actually sleeping! Bearded Dragons have the amazing ability to lock their limbs and fall asleep. Something I wish I could do.

6. They can run on their hind legs

You may have seen some funny videos of this and thought “that’s great editing”. But Bearded Dragons can actually run on their back legs! In the wild, it’s not uncommon for them to do this when escaping from predators.

7. They can bulge their eyes out

They do this for one of three reasons:

  1. To loosen the skin around their eyes, ready for shedding
  2. Due to high blood pressure (take them to the vet!)
  3. They’re yawning #tiredbeardie
20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

8. What are those holes on the side of a Bearded Dragon’s Head?

Those holes are their ears! Beardie’s have exceptional hearing. They can actually hear worms crawling around in their cage. Bad news if you’re a worm.

20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

9. The bumps on their back are used to collect water

In captivity, this doesn’t offer much benefit, but in the wild, it’s an essential survival mechanism. When thirsty, they’ll arch their back causing the water to roll over their head, between the eyes. The Beardie then sticks its tongue out and enjoys a well-earned refreshment!

10. The rubber spikes along their body can become sharp

When threatened, the usually rubbery spikes turn rigid and sharp! Any predators trying to take a bite are in for a nasty surprise. Imagine taking eating a cactus!

11. Their tongues are super sticky

Perfect for getting insects from the floor to the mouth!

20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

12. They live up to 3 times longer in captivity

The harsh conditions of the wild, mean Beardies usually live around 5 years. A well looked after one in captivity will live for triple that time, 15 years!

13. They bob their heads and wave to attract a mate

The male will start bobbing at the female, who if interested, will nod her head more slowly. They’ll also wave at each other, kind of a “hey, you look good” in dragon.

14. They can sleep for weeks

This is known as brumation and its basically hibernation for dragons. Sleeping for a few weeks, being a Beardie doesn’t sound half bad! 

20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

15. They can change sex

Before hatching, if incubated at 32ᵒC /90ᵒF, they could change from male to female. Although very rare it is possible. That’s an identity crisis waiting to happen.

16. They are poisonous

Their poison is too mild to affect humans, but for unlucky insects, it is deadly.

17. Can Bearded Dragons smell?

Beardies smell through their mouth as well as through their nose. They push air into an opening at found on the top of their mouth where the Jacobson’s organ is found. This organ is what gives them the ability to smell. Air from their nose is also directed towards the Jacobson’s organ. This allows them to smell both via their nose and mouth.

20 Jaw-Dropping Bearded Dragon Facts

18. Can a Bearded Dragon’s tail grow back?

Unfortunately, the Beardie’s tale cannot grow back. They are also unable to detach their tail, unlike most lizards.

19. When they shed they change colour

This happens every time, however, sometimes it is more noticeable than others. You’ll see them go through many different shades of colour as they mature. Take a picture after each time they shed and keep these. You’ll thank me later.

20. Beardies don’t pee 

Their bodies have adapted to be highly water-efficient (remember fact 9?). They don’t pee, but instead, excrete uric acid in the form of a white powder.


Who knew Bearded Dragons could get even weirder?

Next time you’re friends your favourite pet, hit them with a fact and watch the jaws drop!

Which fact did you find most interesting?

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