• How to choose the right vivarium

    How to choose the right vivarium

    Choosing the vivarium/ terrarium enclosure is actually quite simple, you just need to follow a few easy steps to choose the right one For reference, the term vivarium is actually the collective name for aquariums, terrariums, paludariums etc… but it’s commonly used and understood to mean the same as terrarium, a mostly dry soil/ sand …

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  • Bearded Dragon Habitat

    Bearded Dragon Habitat

    Although no real comparison for that of the wild, the natural habitat of the Bearded Dragon is actually very easy and simple to recreate which is one of the huge benefits of keeping this lizard. Bearded Dragon Enclosure An enclosure should be made from wood as it absorbs the heat unlike glass which will trap …

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  • Vivarium lighting

    Vivarium lighting

    Most reptiles when kept in captivity will require some level of specialised lighting, when setting up your Bearded Dragon vivarium this is no different. There are a wide range of reptile lighting products out there and choosing the right ones can be confusing. Hopefully the following information will help you out but the quick answer …

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  • Bearded Dragon Substrate

    Bearded Dragon Substrate

    There are loads of different preferences for substrate, firstly ignore calci-sand or anyother man made substrate – do you really want to keep your lizard on pink sand? Substrate depends on firstly the age/size of the dragon, they are very messy eaters so young dragons should be kept on something like kitchen towel or newspaper, …

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  • Crested Gecko Plants – Top 10 For Their Enclosure

    Crested Gecko Plants – Top 10 For Their Enclosure

    The right Crested Gecko plants can turn a good enclosure into a great enclosure! This article highlights the best plants for crested geckos to make them feel like they are back in New Caledonia!   When caring for Crested Geckos, their enclosure should be as close to their natural habitat as possible. Plants and foliage …

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